The War Profiteers

Evidence shows the presence of war profiteers in -

1. the forced establishment of Israel in 1948, and the resulting religious war, which the Israelis call "The War on Terror" and the Palestinians call "The Catastrophe" ("Nakba"),

2. the 9/11 attack, which amped up that religious war, bringing the Iraq war and its ensuing war-torn chaos,

3. the JFK assassination, which enabled an earlier needless, long-running war in Vietnam.

4. the bank that funded Israel in 1948.

Each of the events 1-3 has an official story that is contradicted by a massive amount of evidence. Much of this evidence emerged after each official story, and much was supressed in developing each official story. This evidence is now readily available on the internet, though some requires searching and sifting.

The Media

Yet NONE of the mainstream news organizations has reported on this large volume of new evidence, and its new implications. And this is despite the clear fact that such a program, reasonably well done, would be a ratings blockbuster. Imagine Ken Burns' or Oliver Stone's meticulously accurate storytelling applied to these suppressed facts.

In addition to these events being clearly inside jobs, they are all extremely well covered up. Virtually everything most Americans think they know about Israel's founding and the War on Terror is false. Further mountains of evidence are ignored by the press in the 9/11 and JFK cases. We have a big clue in the case of the USS Liberty, in which the Israelis deliberately attacked a US Navy ship. We can see in that case how the US press was silenced and a US Navy investigation squashed at the behest of the Israelis. And it turns out there are significant Israeli motives and means in the 9/11 and JFK cases. One thing is certain, all these cases involved a top notch coverup that included controlling the mainstream media.

Evidence also shows that America's mainstream media acts in unison to cover up Israel's ongoing war crimes. It also covers up Israel's control of many American politicians. And it covers up Israel's control of America's media, itself.

The Bankers

Further evidence shows this overall pattern is rooted in the financial power of the bank that coerced the creation of Israel, the Rothschild bank. That action depended on its already having a powerful influence in Britain and America. That influence was acquired starting with financial power, and with that acquiring press and political power.

The evidence points to a simple explanation for why most Americans believe the JFK assassination (and many the 9/11 attack) were inside conspiracies, despite the mainstream press consistently mocking these ideas. That simple explanation has two parts:

(1) The evidence for these particular conspiracies is OVERWHELMING to anyone who looks into them even moderately seriously.

(2) The mainstream press has been under the control of those behind these crimes.

The evidence for this explanation is overwhelming.

The vulnerability of such a plan is its dependence upon secrecy, a great deal of it coerced. These articles are intended as compact introductions for people unfamiliar with these mountains of evidence, which have been carefully kept out of the mainstream media. The articles focus on key facts, and the relations between those facts. Links to solid sources back up the information so you can assess this material for yourself. There is much more evidence supporting these conclusions than what is presented here.

You may use this material freely and without attribution.

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The writer earned a PhD from one of the planet's top-ranked research universities. Those standards have been applied in collecting this data and writing these reports. No financial gain is sought. Anonymity is for privacy and security.